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Happy New Year! Day 1


Happy New Year! Here’s to a good Twenty Twelve! My mom started the day off making biscuits and gravy for breakfast which was awesome, and then my dad and I went to Celebs and watched the last Colts game of the year,they lost but whatever, we ‘rolled with our boys’ this year. 

Christmas was awesome. I got a Silhouette Cameo and I am loving it and have only scratched the surface of what it can do. I got a cotton blanket for my bed, an Expo-disk, a shredder, and so much more. It was a wonderful day!

My New Years resolutions are to Make Seasonal Lists and do as much of them as I can, walk more, and have fun. I am gong to try and read 52 books again this year, and I want to knit more too but I don’t really think of those as resolutions just hopes.

I un-decorated the house today which is always a little sad, but the tree was looking pretty sad and it turned out to be really, really dried out too. The tree is still in the house and has its lights on because the green trash can is full until Weds. but then it will go out too. I usually keep the lights on outside until epiphany. 

Okay off to watch the Cowboys/Giants game at the casa. 

Week 5




Well my photography class with Karen Russell Shot From the Heart is going well. I feel like I am really learning things. Like today we went to Gramma Donnas memorial service and then to the reception at her daughter Ruthie’s house. It was dark out but she had twinkly lights and candles on. I actually was able to take pictures which makes me super happy I knew to make my ISO up high and shutter speed low enough, and I got some pretty good pictures I think.

They are not all great but I knew how to fix take them so that makes me super happy.

Carly and Rattlesnakes, oh my!


Still loving my Class. She says we will get worse before we get better and I think I am at that stage. I kinda know what I want the picture to look like but I can’t make it happen yet.
I did take some pictures of Carly that I really like.

Last Sunday I was out with Molly,Dad and the ladies (all the dogs) out in the Santa Anna wash in Highland. It was a pretty cool morning and misty. Dad was off with the dogs wearing them out, and Molly and I walked to the end of the road. We sat down on the rocks to enjoy the morning. I look down-there is a RATTLESNAKE right down my my foot wedged in the rocks. It didn’t rattle or anything but we got out of there pretty fast.

I finally won a game in Fantasy Football-I beat my dad!
This morning I drove up to Oak Glen to grab some apples, and then went over to a friends house to help her grade some work from her 5th grade class. I then went home to finish the screens for the shirts for work and then off to get dog food.

Syd and other stuff


So I am taking a photography class this session with . After the unfortunate August I had I am having to use my dads Canon Rebel for it but that’s totally fine since I thought I might have to anyway. Karen suggests you get a 50mm lenses so we did and I was just taking it out for a trial run today, using Syd, Carly’s guinea pig as a model. It was fun, I am not great and he wouldn’t really stand up, but I think I will have a great time in this class.

I have been walking at night these last 2 weeks and while its not the most fun thing I have ever done its not horrible and I do feel better when I am done. I some times take Lizzy but mostly she is just a pain in the butt but she does like going and its good to get her out. Two weeks ago my dad took her out for the first time on a bike ride, she has along way to go but he thinks she will be the best runner in the end. She is fine as long as you are going at a pace she has to run at but if you slow down or have to turn around then she gets a little distracted and goes off into the brush and has a hard time remembering she has to come back. The first week I went with them and just read in the car while they went out but last Sunday I went walking while they ran and I got a mile walk in so that was nice.

Football has finally started and it is so nice to be back watching and all that’s involved with that. The Colts may have a bad year but whatever I still like them and I really like the game so whatever.

On Thursday I made pizza bread and it was surprisingly good. I used a french bread and sliced it in half, a little spaghetti sauce, finely grated mozzarella cheese, mini pepperonis and some shake cheese. I put a little EVOO on the bottom of the cookie sheet and cooked them and then right at the end turned the broiler on.

Just a few extra pictures I took today!