Carly and Rattlesnakes, oh my!


Still loving my Class. She says we will get worse before we get better and I think I am at that stage. I kinda know what I want the picture to look like but I can’t make it happen yet.
I did take some pictures of Carly that I really like.

Last Sunday I was out with Molly,Dad and the ladies (all the dogs) out in the Santa Anna wash in Highland. It was a pretty cool morning and misty. Dad was off with the dogs wearing them out, and Molly and I walked to the end of the road. We sat down on the rocks to enjoy the morning. I look down-there is a RATTLESNAKE right down my my foot wedged in the rocks. It didn’t rattle or anything but we got out of there pretty fast.

I finally won a game in Fantasy Football-I beat my dad!
This morning I drove up to Oak Glen to grab some apples, and then went over to a friends house to help her grade some work from her 5th grade class. I then went home to finish the screens for the shirts for work and then off to get dog food.


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