Monthly Archives: October 2011


Well my photography class with Karen Russell Shot From the Heart is going well. I feel like I am really learning things. Like today we went to Gramma Donnas memorial service and then to the reception at her daughter Ruthie’s house. It was dark out but she had twinkly lights and candles on. I actually was able to take pictures which makes me super happy I knew to make my ISO up high and shutter speed low enough, and I got some pretty good pictures I think.

They are not all great but I knew how to fix take them so that makes me super happy.


Carly and Rattlesnakes, oh my!


Still loving my Class. She says we will get worse before we get better and I think I am at that stage. I kinda know what I want the picture to look like but I can’t make it happen yet.
I did take some pictures of Carly that I really like.

Last Sunday I was out with Molly,Dad and the ladies (all the dogs) out in the Santa Anna wash in Highland. It was a pretty cool morning and misty. Dad was off with the dogs wearing them out, and Molly and I walked to the end of the road. We sat down on the rocks to enjoy the morning. I look down-there is a RATTLESNAKE right down my my foot wedged in the rocks. It didn’t rattle or anything but we got out of there pretty fast.

I finally won a game in Fantasy Football-I beat my dad!
This morning I drove up to Oak Glen to grab some apples, and then went over to a friends house to help her grade some work from her 5th grade class. I then went home to finish the screens for the shirts for work and then off to get dog food.