Syd and other stuff


So I am taking a photography class this session with . After the unfortunate August I had I am having to use my dads Canon Rebel for it but that’s totally fine since I thought I might have to anyway. Karen suggests you get a 50mm lenses so we did and I was just taking it out for a trial run today, using Syd, Carly’s guinea pig as a model. It was fun, I am not great and he wouldn’t really stand up, but I think I will have a great time in this class.

I have been walking at night these last 2 weeks and while its not the most fun thing I have ever done its not horrible and I do feel better when I am done. I some times take Lizzy but mostly she is just a pain in the butt but she does like going and its good to get her out. Two weeks ago my dad took her out for the first time on a bike ride, she has along way to go but he thinks she will be the best runner in the end. She is fine as long as you are going at a pace she has to run at but if you slow down or have to turn around then she gets a little distracted and goes off into the brush and has a hard time remembering she has to come back. The first week I went with them and just read in the car while they went out but last Sunday I went walking while they ran and I got a mile walk in so that was nice.

Football has finally started and it is so nice to be back watching and all that’s involved with that. The Colts may have a bad year but whatever I still like them and I really like the game so whatever.

On Thursday I made pizza bread and it was surprisingly good. I used a french bread and sliced it in half, a little spaghetti sauce, finely grated mozzarella cheese, mini pepperonis and some shake cheese. I put a little EVOO on the bottom of the cookie sheet and cooked them and then right at the end turned the broiler on.

Just a few extra pictures I took today!


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