Happy New Year


So far today I have watched the Rose Parade online, a great way to start the year.

Last Tuesday I got a new dog-Lizzy. Well she is Lizzy for now we shall see what she really comes out to be. My parents neighbors found her during the really rainy week. They didn’t want her and we had just started looking for a dog. I wanted a dog that looked a little scary but totally was not, she is that. We think she might be husky and german shepherd, who really knows though.

(she likes to stand up on the couch and look out that window,so thats why its a mess)

I have had 10 days off this month and it has been so nice. Work is about to get a little crazy and having this time off has been really nice.  Christmas was wonderful and I got a new camera which is just what I wanted. All of the presents I made for people seem to have gone over well which always makes me feel good. For make it night my mom is refinishing my craft room table, and my dad is painting th dinning room for Carly so the house has been a mess but Christmas is all taken down so that makes it a little easier to get around.

We usually try to clean out the garage on New Years Day but Carly started yesterday, so I followed suit and its  clean already. Now all I need to do is take care of the leaves in the back yard and the sticks that are everywhere after all the rain/wind we have had the last few weeks.

The football season is almost over and it makes me pretty sad. Its a lot of fun to go watch the games every week with my dad and its one of the weekly things that I do that I hardly ever resent.(not that I really resent the other things, but usually they are after work and I am tired  and just want to be home, but Sunday morning I am usually feeling pretty fresh).

I turn 30 2-2-2012 and I want to go on a cruise so as part of my new years resolution I want to start working on that. I will need to save the money this year, get a passport,etc. so I really need to start thinking about it now. My resolution for 2010 was to sell some of my art. I did sell some so that makes me pretty happy. I sold a hat to one of the parents at work and I was a part of a neat project on Etsy that was for charity  and I sold 6 sets of dish towels. So 7 things total  and a resolution kept!


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