Monthly Archives: September 2010



NFL Football is back! My dad and I have been counting down the days for forever. This year I have a Fantasy team-Bootleg Jones, I have no idea what i am doing but it should be fun, I am also picking the winners every week, both through my dads job- it started because they needed an even number of teams and I know a little about football. It also means knitting season is here, since I do most of my knitting watching football games.  Tonight we are going over to my dads friends to watch the game but on Sunday we are back at Celebs, the local sports bar.

Speaking of Sunday, we are going to the LA county fair on Sunday! Katie is flying down  to go but she gets here tonight so we will get to hang out a little.

I get my new class of Pre-K kids on Monday, right now it is looking like I will have 8, which is a good number, not to few and not so many I can’t get a  few more. I have been trying to get ready all week, but I may have to come down on the weekend to finish everything up.

Well that’s all for now. But I do hope to be better about writing.