China Patterns?


First a big Congratulations to my baby sister Molly and her friends Shannon and Amanda Pearl for graduating last night from High School! Molly graduated with honors and Amanda Pearl with High Honors. Yesterday day was also the last day any of us have been enrolled in the San Bernardino City Unified School District, on of us has been in school since the fall of 1987 which is a freaking long time.

My mom has a set of wedding china but we stopped using it when I was little and then just used a jumble of plates. Her china is straight of of the 70’s a brown flower like pattern.  I never really liked it but since she moved and started using it again I really like it now so maybe I am just getting old.

We did always have a “special” plate- it was not exactly like the plate above but close and we only got to use it for birthdays or if we had a special day or something,it was a pretty big deal if you got to use it.

When we were little my mom and I took my sister and I to us the the Laguna Pottery Shack and we each got to pick out a plate, and silverware, it was a huge deal and we still have many of the plates from that trip. The store is gone now and it makes me so sad because I have great memories of that place.

Right now my sister and I have mostly hand-me-down plates, bowls and cups that my parents left when they moved out.

Right now most of my plates are from Wing Hop Fung which is in LA’s Chinatown and we go every year at Christmas time.

Some of our plates we have decorated at various paint your own ceramics places.

While I am going to go make The Pioneer Womans Rosemary Skewers for a World Cup party I am going to on Saturday. I am making them at 10:30 at night 1. because we are going to the LA Flower Mart in the morning so I will have no time in the morning and 2. because they are supposedly really good left to sit and marinate for awhile.


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