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Summer Memories


This week on Kelly’s Korner, the theme is kids activities, I am a Pre-K teacher so I have a ton since its all I do all day, but I thought I would just share all of the fun things I remember doing as a kid in the summer.

When I was little my mom would try and take us to the beach t least once a week, which might not sound hard but the beach is at least an hour away, and there are my 3 little sisters and I ( there is a 10 year span between all of us so when I say I was little I was probably 8 and she was pregnant and still had 2 kids) A lot of the time my grandma would go to and that was always a treat because that meant she could watch the little girls and my mom could come out in the water with us.

In two different towns close by there are good bagel stores and in the summer my mom would load us all up and we would go grab some bagels and then go to a park and play the morning away. This was really the only times we ever went to a park, we have a merry go round in the back yard,swing set that is park sized, a flipping bar, and a play house- no need really to leave!

(here is the flipping bar in its current state-one side of the compost heap!)

(here is the merry-go round,and play house, and a corner of the swing set, it has a big porch swing on it now)

When I go to be about 10 and my youngest sister was walking we started going on long family vacations, like 2 or 3 weeks on the road seeing all of the western states, and a ton of national parks.Zion National Park will always be a favorite. As is Ghost Ranch, I worked as a camp counsler there for 4 summers in my early 20’s and I have some great memories of the place.

From the summer before third grade until the summer of 7th grade I went to church camp for a week or 2 every summer,different camps with different people but it was alway a blast.

We usually made a lemonade stand at least once in the summer. We would play night tag with the neighbors, swim of course.

I do have a sunny story about swimming in the summer as a kid. So I live in southern California and 20 years ago the smog could get pretty bad some days. We live in a valley outside of LA and the wind would blow the smog in and then it had a hard time getting over the mountains. It has gotten soooooo much better just in my life time, we hardly ever have those days anymore thank goodness! so when we would go swimming we would swim for hours and when we where done our lungs would hurt and there was this odd feeling when your breathed. As a kid I always thought that it was from swimming come to find out as a teenager it was from the smog-duh! I just never put it together.

When I was in about 2nd grade all the way to 6th grade or so my friend and I would switch off going to each others house all summer long that was always neat.

There are so many neat traditions we have that there is no way I will ever be able to write them all down, but its fun thinking about them.



I just want to say I Love you soooooooooo much, you are the best dad I know!

-you love us so much

-you love the colts

-you love mountain biking

-and your dog

-you love GVL

-and wicked good snacks

You are the best Dad a girl could ask for.

China Patterns?


First a big Congratulations to my baby sister Molly and her friends Shannon and Amanda Pearl for graduating last night from High School! Molly graduated with honors and Amanda Pearl with High Honors. Yesterday day was also the last day any of us have been enrolled in the San Bernardino City Unified School District, on of us has been in school since the fall of 1987 which is a freaking long time.

My mom has a set of wedding china but we stopped using it when I was little and then just used a jumble of plates. Her china is straight of of the 70’s a brown flower like pattern.  I never really liked it but since she moved and started using it again I really like it now so maybe I am just getting old.

We did always have a “special” plate- it was not exactly like the plate above but close and we only got to use it for birthdays or if we had a special day or something,it was a pretty big deal if you got to use it.

When we were little my mom and I took my sister and I to us the the Laguna Pottery Shack and we each got to pick out a plate, and silverware, it was a huge deal and we still have many of the plates from that trip. The store is gone now and it makes me so sad because I have great memories of that place.

Right now my sister and I have mostly hand-me-down plates, bowls and cups that my parents left when they moved out.

Right now most of my plates are from Wing Hop Fung which is in LA’s Chinatown and we go every year at Christmas time.

Some of our plates we have decorated at various paint your own ceramics places.

While I am going to go make The Pioneer Womans Rosemary Skewers for a World Cup party I am going to on Saturday. I am making them at 10:30 at night 1. because we are going to the LA Flower Mart in the morning so I will have no time in the morning and 2. because they are supposedly really good left to sit and marinate for awhile.

Random Acts of Kindness,plus other stuff……….


Random acts of Kindness are so neat because they make both people so happy!

My most recent act of kindness was to bake up some cupcakes and bring them into work. I love doing this because it helps moral plus everyone loves a little treat once in awhile!

In the summer I pick veggies from my garden and bring them into people who I know will eat them, fresh from the garden tomatoes are like nothing else on earth!Once in a while I will make a mix CD for someone just because which is a bunch of fun and so far everyone has loved them.

I need to remember to do more random acts of kindness, hopefully this post and other posts will give me ideas and will help me remember to spreed a little happiness.

Okay on to the other stuff-

A few projects I want to put up so I remember them:

Molly’s Lei-I made felt ones for Carly and Yessi when they graduated from CSUMB, but after learning to make fabric flowers (I used this tutorial), I decided to make  one with fabric flowers for Molly. I have only ever made them in green and yellow as those are both schools colors! She loves it and wants a matching headband for Grad night at Disneyland, I have not made it yet but it should be pretty easy so I am not to worried about it besides I have like 5 days!

I made Sammy some socks for his graduation from CSUMB (all of these graduations where different years, well except for Sam and Molly, but those are at least a month apart). I whipped out the first sock pretty fast and then the second sock took forever for no other reason then I was bored with the pattern and I did not want to work on it. But I finished them and they look pretty cool so I am happy. I gave them to his mom to mail to him, but I have not heard if he has gotten them yet-I really want to post the pictures on Facebook but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.The yarn was self patterning so they look much fancier then they really are!I also decided not to match up the yarn when I started so they are both a little different, but the same at the same time, if that makes any sense. The last thing is a picture of my asparagus! I planted some asparagus starts in like February, nothing had come up by the time I planted the rest of the garden in April so I planted something pretty much on top of them, several weeks ago I pulled up some what I thought were weeds but that once they were up I thought they might have been asparagus,again I kind of gave up on any more coming up but there is more! I am super excited! I love asparagus and I can’t wait to have some from my garden.Here are the supper skinny shoots along with a soon to be huge zucchini plant that I planted on top of them-oops!

Just as a reminder for me I have had Jury Duty all week and will go in at least on Monday of next week-all of the kids at work have grown!