Happy Happy Happy


So over at Kelly’s Kourner the theme this week for”Show Us How You Live” is What makes you happy,what a fun theme,especially right here at the beginning of summer.

(Top row:Mr.Mark Adelson,Sammy,Carly,Kels, Mlette,My mom,Me, bottom row: Molly, Kate, and my dad)

My family and friends make me really happy, this picture was taken on New Years Eve 2009, we have tons of  traditions with our best friends and this is one of them. Getting together on New Years Eve to eat and make a craft or work on a project. We are hardly all there together and realizedthat we didn’t have a picture of all of us even though we have been doing this for more then 10 years so we took one this year!


My sisters make me super happy,well most of the time anyway! We have a ton of inside jokes, and can get each other laughing in one word or motion. There is 10 years between us but we are all very close anyway.

My garden makes me happy, even the weeds and all the work. I love being out there and seeing everything grow,and then eating and giving away the fruits of my labor.

There are so many things that make me happy that I am just going to make a list because this post could go on forever otherwise.

-the mountains,especially Green Valley Lake

-the beach, Carlsbad and Oxnard are two of my favorites

-my pets


-my craft room

-my kids at work

-a good meal

-Iced Tea-unsweetened of course


-all of my families traditions, and fun things we do for them.

Americas Funniest Home Videos

-doing creative things

And so much more that I can’t really think of right now, but I think of myself as a pretty happy person so it doesn’t take much to make me happy, so my list could really go on and on.


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