Today the kids were lining up and I noticed they were the colors of the rainbow so we lined them up in order in the courtyard and took a picture.

(they had just woken up from their afternoon nap and were looking into the sun, hence all the squint-y eyes)

I am working on Sammy’s graduation socks, which I am not really digging only because, they are so boring and basic and the same, I think anyway. I really want to work on other projects but I know if I do I won’t come back to the socks, so I just keep going, so slowly though.

Molly wants me to  make her a graduation lei, I made ones for Carly and Yessi, out of felt but I am thinking I will make Molly’s different and I want to start that but those silly old socks.

We are going up to Green valley Lake this weekend, which is way cool and excited. But its Family Camp weekend and I have never missed a year, I don’t want to talk to much about the reasons I (and my family) are not going but we arn’t for the first time ever and it is making me sad, but something had to change so we are going to GVL instead and seeing as its my favorite place ever I am super happy to be going.

I am taking a puzzle up, my i pod loaded with audio books, some knitting(hopefully I will be done with the blasted socks), and maybe the lei’s and not doing anything else. My goal is to read one book and listen to one book, so over all have ‘read’ two books after the long weekend.

My garden is looking really good, I need to borrow my dads camera so that I can get some non camera phone pictures of it. Everything is still alive and thriving even which makes me really happy. I have been house-sitting these last few weeks so it has not gotten as much attention as I would like but its doing okay, I think the cooler then normal temps., but still sunny, have really helped.


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