San Bernardino,CA-My Home Town!


So I wasn’t born here but I did move here when I was 2 and both of my parents lived their whole lives so I always say I have lived here my whole life

This last Thursday the 20th of May happened to be the 200th birthday of my town/city! It is the county seat for the biggest county in the US, which I guess is cool. The city is in a a valley and on the Mountain above the town is a natural Arrowhead. Legend has it that it lead the first people to the wonderful valley.

McDonalds started in my town,just down the street from my high school,church and home. My parents remember going there, the original building is gone now, but there is a museum there now, which I have never been in but I really should one of these days.
Taco Bell also started here in San Bernardino, as did Wienerschnitzel,which I think is west coast only, and another local chain Bakers so are pretty fast food heavy around here!

It may not be the prettiest city but I love it!


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