Weekend Wrap Up


The Gala was wonderful…..not my type of thing, or really my ‘people’, but we all went because my mom really wanted us to, and I at least am glad I went. It was fun to dress up, and I realized that between my elementary school and my church, the people I know and hang out with are a way cool,pretty influential group of people at least in my hometown.

Sunday was Youth Sunday at church and Molly (my youngest sister) and her friend Shannon both gave sermons and made everyone cry and the service was nice.

After church we drove up to my favorite place on earth Green Valley Lake, where we reserved a cabin for Memorial day weekend. Its one of the houses we have gone to many times, so many we have a nick name for it-‘Flakes’-they have this silly little knickknack  that is a snowman with the saying “some of my best-friends are flakes”. We had lunch at the malt shoppe, got a treat at the little store, drove around town a little and came home. Just knowing we are going up to GVL in a few weeks makes me so happy.

When we got home I watered both the front and back yards and garden, and then went to the dollar store to see if I could find cheap sheer shower curtains to screen print with, and they actually had what I needed, plus they have Terracotta pots for a dollar and they are the 12 inch ones that are pretty expensive at Lowes so I got a ton of those for my mom and I. After that I came home and actually cleaned my craft room which I have wanted to do for about 2 weeks but have just not had the time, the room was stressing me out but its done now and it makes me happy to go in there.

This week at work we are learning about fruit and next week is vegetables, so I am getting fruit and vegetable books together for the kids to make. Today i brought in 2 apples, we sliced one in half and made apple prints and the other we sliced and ate. I am going to try and bring in a different fruit or veggie everyday for the next two weeks.


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