Show Us Your life-Favorite Books


Oh man now here is a  topic I can get behind Kelly at Kelly’s Korner topic of the week is favorite books!

As a girl I loved

and as I got older

I do believe I have read every single one of these! I loved them, about a month ago I ordered from the Scholastic Book Club the prequel and it was nice to be among friends again.

Oh man, how could you not love a little old lady who lived in an up-side-down house and helped kids get rid of there bad habits.

My first love! My mom read the whole series to me and my sisters before we went to bed each night the first time, but I have probably read it to myself at least 5 more times.

Oh Ann with and E, I love everything L.M.Montgomery. Last summer I was talking with a friend who was going to Prince Edward Island, and I gasp “Anne” and she said “a kindred spirit” and we both knew right then we would be friends for awhile!

I loved this guy and it didn’t hurt that the tough girl was ‘Sally’

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is my all time favorite book. I have read my copy of it so many times it has no cover and is losing pages, I should probably get a new copy!

These days I read fiction,non fiction, memoirs and just about anything although I don’t love suspense,but if I don’t know that it is I am alright with it.

As a Pre-K teacher my kids love silly books such as

I think I could read this type of book over and over to my 4 year olds.


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