Some of the 2010 Garden as of 5/10


Broccoli was here earlier in the year, but it went to flower so I pulled it up and planted a cantaloupe, which then promptly died over night, so now there is a watermelon there,which after 5 days seems to still be alive.


Corn,Strawberries, artichokes (2 types, but I don’t remember which),a zucchini (which my mom has made me promise to give as many zuccinis as she wants), bean, and that giant plant is a pepper from last year that made it through the fall and winter and who my dad did not have the heart to pull up when he dug up my garden for my birthday for me.

I had some extra corn so I planted it next to the house, by the sunflowers.

A SunChip bag in the compost heap, this is day one, it pretty much looks the same a week later.


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