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Happy Happy Happy


So over at Kelly’s Kourner the theme this week for”Show Us How You Live” is What makes you happy,what a fun theme,especially right here at the beginning of summer.

(Top row:Mr.Mark Adelson,Sammy,Carly,Kels, Mlette,My mom,Me, bottom row: Molly, Kate, and my dad)

My family and friends make me really happy, this picture was taken on New Years Eve 2009, we have tons of  traditions with our best friends and this is one of them. Getting together on New Years Eve to eat and make a craft or work on a project. We are hardly all there together and realizedthat we didn’t have a picture of all of us even though we have been doing this for more then 10 years so we took one this year!


My sisters make me super happy,well most of the time anyway! We have a ton of inside jokes, and can get each other laughing in one word or motion. There is 10 years between us but we are all very close anyway.

My garden makes me happy, even the weeds and all the work. I love being out there and seeing everything grow,and then eating and giving away the fruits of my labor.

There are so many things that make me happy that I am just going to make a list because this post could go on forever otherwise.

-the mountains,especially Green Valley Lake

-the beach, Carlsbad and Oxnard are two of my favorites

-my pets


-my craft room

-my kids at work

-a good meal

-Iced Tea-unsweetened of course


-all of my families traditions, and fun things we do for them.

Americas Funniest Home Videos

-doing creative things

And so much more that I can’t really think of right now, but I think of myself as a pretty happy person so it doesn’t take much to make me happy, so my list could really go on and on.




Today the kids were lining up and I noticed they were the colors of the rainbow so we lined them up in order in the courtyard and took a picture.

(they had just woken up from their afternoon nap and were looking into the sun, hence all the squint-y eyes)

I am working on Sammy’s graduation socks, which I am not really digging only because, they are so boring and basic and the same, I think anyway. I really want to work on other projects but I know if I do I won’t come back to the socks, so I just keep going, so slowly though.

Molly wants me to  make her a graduation lei, I made ones for Carly and Yessi, out of felt but I am thinking I will make Molly’s different and I want to start that but those silly old socks.

We are going up to Green valley Lake this weekend, which is way cool and excited. But its Family Camp weekend and I have never missed a year, I don’t want to talk to much about the reasons I (and my family) are not going but we arn’t for the first time ever and it is making me sad, but something had to change so we are going to GVL instead and seeing as its my favorite place ever I am super happy to be going.

I am taking a puzzle up, my i pod loaded with audio books, some knitting(hopefully I will be done with the blasted socks), and maybe the lei’s and not doing anything else. My goal is to read one book and listen to one book, so over all have ‘read’ two books after the long weekend.

My garden is looking really good, I need to borrow my dads camera so that I can get some non camera phone pictures of it. Everything is still alive and thriving even which makes me really happy. I have been house-sitting these last few weeks so it has not gotten as much attention as I would like but its doing okay, I think the cooler then normal temps., but still sunny, have really helped.

San Bernardino,CA-My Home Town!


So I wasn’t born here but I did move here when I was 2 and both of my parents lived their whole lives so I always say I have lived here my whole life

This last Thursday the 20th of May happened to be the 200th birthday of my town/city! It is the county seat for the biggest county in the US, which I guess is cool. The city is in a a valley and on the Mountain above the town is a natural Arrowhead. Legend has it that it lead the first people to the wonderful valley.

McDonalds started in my town,just down the street from my high school,church and home. My parents remember going there, the original building is gone now, but there is a museum there now, which I have never been in but I really should one of these days.
Taco Bell also started here in San Bernardino, as did Wienerschnitzel,which I think is west coast only, and another local chain Bakers so are pretty fast food heavy around here!

It may not be the prettiest city but I love it!

Weekend Wrap Up


The Gala was wonderful…..not my type of thing, or really my ‘people’, but we all went because my mom really wanted us to, and I at least am glad I went. It was fun to dress up, and I realized that between my elementary school and my church, the people I know and hang out with are a way cool,pretty influential group of people at least in my hometown.

Sunday was Youth Sunday at church and Molly (my youngest sister) and her friend Shannon both gave sermons and made everyone cry and the service was nice.

After church we drove up to my favorite place on earth Green Valley Lake, where we reserved a cabin for Memorial day weekend. Its one of the houses we have gone to many times, so many we have a nick name for it-‘Flakes’-they have this silly little knickknack  that is a snowman with the saying “some of my best-friends are flakes”. We had lunch at the malt shoppe, got a treat at the little store, drove around town a little and came home. Just knowing we are going up to GVL in a few weeks makes me so happy.

When we got home I watered both the front and back yards and garden, and then went to the dollar store to see if I could find cheap sheer shower curtains to screen print with, and they actually had what I needed, plus they have Terracotta pots for a dollar and they are the 12 inch ones that are pretty expensive at Lowes so I got a ton of those for my mom and I. After that I came home and actually cleaned my craft room which I have wanted to do for about 2 weeks but have just not had the time, the room was stressing me out but its done now and it makes me happy to go in there.

This week at work we are learning about fruit and next week is vegetables, so I am getting fruit and vegetable books together for the kids to make. Today i brought in 2 apples, we sliced one in half and made apple prints and the other we sliced and ate. I am going to try and bring in a different fruit or veggie everyday for the next two weeks.



So tonight my family and I are going to the San Bernardino Bicentennial Gala, I made a shawl which I just realized I don’t have a picture of but its a citron in a dark gray and a little bigger then the pattern says to make it but its wonderful  and soft and will be nice and toasty since its made out of alpaca.

I need a shawl pin, but I don’t have one and I had seen a really neat succulent boutonnière in a magazine, so I decided to try and make one as a shawl pin. I think it will work.

I also made a headband with succulents with the same ribbon.

If we take some pictures tonight I will post them. but for now i am extremely happy with the results.

Show Us Your life-Favorite Books


Oh man now here is a  topic I can get behind Kelly at Kelly’s Korner topic of the week is favorite books!

As a girl I loved

and as I got older

I do believe I have read every single one of these! I loved them, about a month ago I ordered from the Scholastic Book Club the prequel and it was nice to be among friends again.

Oh man, how could you not love a little old lady who lived in an up-side-down house and helped kids get rid of there bad habits.

My first love! My mom read the whole series to me and my sisters before we went to bed each night the first time, but I have probably read it to myself at least 5 more times.

Oh Ann with and E, I love everything L.M.Montgomery. Last summer I was talking with a friend who was going to Prince Edward Island, and I gasp “Anne” and she said “a kindred spirit” and we both knew right then we would be friends for awhile!

I loved this guy and it didn’t hurt that the tough girl was ‘Sally’

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is my all time favorite book. I have read my copy of it so many times it has no cover and is losing pages, I should probably get a new copy!

These days I read fiction,non fiction, memoirs and just about anything although I don’t love suspense,but if I don’t know that it is I am alright with it.

As a Pre-K teacher my kids love silly books such as

I think I could read this type of book over and over to my 4 year olds.

Some of the 2010 Garden as of 5/10


Broccoli was here earlier in the year, but it went to flower so I pulled it up and planted a cantaloupe, which then promptly died over night, so now there is a watermelon there,which after 5 days seems to still be alive.


Corn,Strawberries, artichokes (2 types, but I don’t remember which),a zucchini (which my mom has made me promise to give as many zuccinis as she wants), bean, and that giant plant is a pepper from last year that made it through the fall and winter and who my dad did not have the heart to pull up when he dug up my garden for my birthday for me.

I had some extra corn so I planted it next to the house, by the sunflowers.

A SunChip bag in the compost heap, this is day one, it pretty much looks the same a week later.